Solder’s Rising Mission Statement:

Solder’s Rising is a program of support for Veteran’s returning from deployment and suffering from trauma and war-related symptoms.

Solder’s rising provides low fee counseling sessions, and resources, both community and one on one to support the healing of PTSD and war-related mental health symptoms that resulted from deployment. Hypnosis and Cognitive Therapy has proven to be successful in transforming stress, anxiety and trauma by relieving symptoms of trauma and supporting vets training in leadership and service as they move into a purposeful and useful civilian life.  Solder’s rising provides support to both returning and active veterans.

Solder’s Rising is a non-profit organization under the fiscal sponsorship of The Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Berkeley, CA.


No vet with PTSD is forgotten. All Vets with PTSD symptoms are treated. 


Low fee sessions for alternative therapy and modalities offered to Vets who suffer from PTSD. Remote Skype sessions available to reach remote Vets.