Getting your Business Mojo back

“I had so much energy when fear was my motivation for success. Now that I am busy and my calendar is full, I feel lazy, foggy, and overwhelmed. Where did my motivation go?”

Does this sound like you?

Being in the flow of executing your business plan and vision is a tremendous feeling, but it isn’t constant. There will be times when your energy lags, when you feel stuck, when you have lost your focus. When you find yourself in that space, try one of these practices to refocus and get back into motion.

Ask for Inspiration. Set your timer for 10 minutes. Sit quietly and ask for inspiration. A possible mantra could be “Show me what will inspire me today”, “Help me find and follow my inspiration”, or “Show me what is blocking me from my inspiration”. Breathe through your belly, and whisper your mantra or reflect on it silently. When the timer chimes, take a few minutes to write down what came to you. When your list is complete, brainstorm tiny actions you can take today—pick one and do it!

Join a group. Join a Mastermind Group or networking group if you think you can benefit from the wisdom and experience of others and want feedback on your ideas. The groups help brainstorm solutions and provide accountability. You can find Mastermind Groups on Visit a few groups to determine which one is right for you.

Start your own community. I am a big believer in starting your own community. Gather your favorite people and create a topic of focus. 

If you continue to bump up against this obstacle, let’s schedule a session to explore what might be blocking you and discuss how you might move forward.

Suzanne Katanic

Mudita Inc, Homestead St., San Francisco, CA 94114, United States