Creating your own Board of Creative Directors

Create your own Board of Creative Directors (BOD’s)

Working for yourself often means working alone and doing all kinds of things you are not good at to get to do the one thing you are good at: your purpose. I have heard recently that when you work for yourself “you wear all of the hats” but that doesn’t mean you are on your own.

For example, when you interface with clients, network, or meet-up with colleagues at events you are surrounded by other amazing entrepreneurs and visionaries. These are the people you want around you as you step off of the conveyor belt of “a job” and into the Technicolor world of creativity and commerce.

Here is how to create and cultivate your own personal Board of Directors:

·      Join a networking group. Join and cultivate relationships with a Networking group.  Networking groups are not for “getting business” but for creating a support system between the members.  Visit your local networking groups a few times to find the group that you click with. Once you find that group go in with full gusto. Networking takes time; so give yourself at least a year with a group to develop relationships.

·      Start your own Group. Create a meet-up group to connect entrepreneurs in your field and to support one another. A colleague of mine started a blogging group and invited her favorite business owners to come write with her every week. It was a great way to focus and get writing done while at the same time create a community of support

·      Ask for Help. Offer Help. Reach out for help when you need it. Offer help when you have expertise to offer.  Many times I have called a colleague to run something by them that had been spinning around in my head with no relief. The minute I put it out into the air, and got feedback, the answer became simple, clear and I was back in execution mode.  

·      Pick your favorite people. I simply choose people I can imagine having over for brunch or tea. Choose people who you are naturally drawn to and who believe in you and what you do. This makes life and business more fun and less “work”.

·      Create your Dream Team. Typical business support includes a business coach, accountant, attorney, or marketing consultant. Ask for referrals from people you know, and then interview at least three people in the same field to find the one that you feel comfortable working with.     Don’t under-estimate your “non-alternative” dream team. My facialist has a brilliant business mind and I consider her one of my support team members. For you, it may be your running buddy or a parent at your kid’s school.

Now you are ready to get out there and create your own personal Board of Directors. Set your intention, notice who you connect with easily, reach out, offer and receive help, be flexible in where you find them, once you find them cultivate a relationship.

Once you have your dream team in place, you may be asking now what? Return to this Blog series next month for more on how to execute your business plan and overcome obstacles to entrepreneurial success. 

Suzanne Katanic

Mudita Inc, Homestead St., San Francisco, CA 94114, United States