Create a Unique + Inspiring Business Plan for 2015

Let Your “Soul's Whisper” Guide Your Annual Business Plan

The practice of creating your annual business plan does not need to be a dry and dull experience. Instead of simply filling out a prefabricated business plan form, use one or more of the tips below and allow yourself to be guided by your unique inner voice, your “soul's whisper”. You will then have a plan that inspires you as you strive to bring your services to the world, take your business to the next level, and be rewarded handsomely for your gifts.

·      Create a supportive space with flowers, your favorite music, low lights, or whatever feels right to you, or take your notebook outside and allow Nature to inspire your plan.

·      If you need some extra motivation or accountability, draw upon energy in a group dynamic by organizing a retreat with friends or attending a Meetup group dedicated to business plan writing.

·      Put yourself in a state of mind to be receptive to creative ideas. You might begin by taking a walk or meditating for 10 minutes.

·      Reflect upon your mission statement, as it defines your purpose. Refer to it frequently to make sure the steps in your plan support it.

·      Use paint, collage, boxes, storyboards—whatever media inspires you. One of my clients posts a flow chart on her office wall that uses pictures to chart our her goals and vision for the year. As she moves through the year, she removes parts of her goal she has achieved and adds new inspirations. This becomes her life sized abstract business plan. Another cuts pictures from magazines that represent her desired achievements and creates a collage on poster board. I like to use large sheets of drawing paper, each one titled with an individual goal. Then I use Post-it notes for each step under the larger goal. This allows me to move the Post-its around as steps are taken or as priorities change. 

·      Be sure to include clear and focused actionable items in your plan. Take what you’ve envisioned in your meditation and write down the action steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.

Year after year, I see clients succeed as they use their business plans to achieve their goals. I have also been pleasantly surprised when I have looked back and seen how much I have manifested.

If you need help tapping into your soul’s whispers and executing your business plan, let’s schedule a session.

And please revisit this blog over the next few months as we will explore how to overcome obstacles to entrepreneurial success and stay focused, fabulous, and creative!