Couple Counseling with Shamanic Counseling + Depth Hypnosis Method


Couples Counseling in Depth Hypnosis uses both individual work and couples sessions to facilitate both tactical tools and communication growth while also diving deeply into individual patterns that affect the couplehood.

The first few sessions we get to the heart of the matter. Then we move into individual sessions with both of the relationship. This allows each person to examine and heal their part of the pattern. Then we come back to the couple session, check in on progress within the couple hood. During these sessions practical communication tools are introduced. We alternate between couples work and individual work (to support the couple connection and build healthy relationship tools) to make progress towards heartfelt connection and deeply meaningful relationships. 

The focus of couples counseling is always on finding and creating connection and dissolving the places where we block it. In session you will work through attachments and aversions that are causing suffering to move to a more equanimous way in relationship. When we can detach in this way, we become more free to love without defenses. 

Suzanne Katanic

Mudita Inc, Homestead St., San Francisco, CA 94114, United States