The Power of Quiet

When a sudden death, illness, or terrorist act leaves us feeling powerless, we can find ourselves reaching for clichés or canned sentiment. Even though our intentions may be to heal and bring light, our first reaction to negativity and darkness may not be the most powerful.

Before you fill the space with sweet-talking rubbish and platitudes, choose to be still. Hold your finger above the keyboard and resist the urge to hit send. Pause, let yourself sit with your “need to know”. Resist grabbing the immediate answer to rush back to self-defined “safety”. Until the words come, live in the reality that sometimes there are no “right” words.

Certainly there are times and places for voicing opinions, exchanging knowledge, and changing the world with sound.

As we move through the darkness of the longest nights of winter solstice, join me in quiet. Let’s join together, steep in silence and listen to what arises from this place. For here, powerful direction can emerge. 

Suzanne Katanic

Mudita Inc, Homestead St., San Francisco, CA 94114, United States